Making lifelong lovers of Jesus

Crossword 2024

Who reigns supreme?

We’ll spend 4 days in Treverton finding out, digging into God’s Word and finding out about a King who has been supreme throughout history and stepped down into our world.

Making Lifelong Lovers of Jesus

Love His Community

You’ve had a taste of it from Crossword Connect.
Now imagine that.
But for 4 whole days.

Love His Word

We’ll be finding out about a King who reigns Supreme as Tim Hawkins takes us through Ephesians. There will also be songs, prayer, small group discussions, elective hot topics and more!

The nitty gritty

When: 15-18 Dec 2023 (leaders arrive on 14th)
Where: Treverton
Cost: R1350 per person & R1200 per sibling

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